CUBS support energy sector's green transition

About Us

CUBS is a young company - built on years of experience. The company is in strong growth and we are investing massively in developing new solutions that create value for our customers.


We have an ambition to support the green transition of the energy sector by offering innovative utilities a modern billing solution that enables them to establish, develop and operate an efficient business.

There are exciting developments in the energy sector in these years, with digitalisation and electrification driving major changes. Our car parks are being replaced by electric vehicles, and heating is being done to an increased extent with heat pumps. Energy production is becoming more decentralized, with a focus on renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Nuclear power is back on the agenda. This all places new demands on how to settle consumption.

We are playing into this transformation by providing a cloud-based scalable billing solution, with a focus on being able to address the new needs of the market. Our customers are large and small utilities that want to put the customer at the center and ensure transparent and reliable consumption settlement.

CUBS History

Our Timeline

Casalogic A/S is established as an IT-consultant and development company within open source technologies.
Customer-specific solutions are being developed for energy companies such as Switch, NaturEnergi, Gul Strøm, and Nordjysk Elhandel.
The decision to develop a standard billing solution is taken.
CUBS - Casalogic Utility Billing System - is born.
First electricity customer Blue Energy is End-2-End approved by Energinet Datahub and goes live.
First version of the gas module is launched and implemented at Nature Energy.
Ørsted moves the billing of +900.000 private customers from SAP to its own copy of the CUBS product.
The consultancy business is divested to Miracle A/S, and the company changes its name from Casalogic A/S to Cubs A/S. There is now 100% focus on the CUBS product, which is the company's sole activity.
Additional capital is raised from new investors and from Vækstfonden, and new management is onboarded — all with an objective of accelerating growth.

Clever Power chooses CUBS as the billing platform and development of the new e-mobility solution starts.
The record is set with 8 new energy companies choosing CUBS as core IT-platform for their business.
AURA chooses CUBS as the billing platform. With +20 electricity retailers CUBS becomes the IT-platform used by most electricity retailers companies in Denmark.

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