CUBS supports all utility service types - but is a specialist in electricity

Supply types

The CUBS system is built to handle multi-supply, and can be used to support settlement of all utility types, including electricity, e-mobility, gas, water, district heating, and subscriptions.

At CUBS, we want to be the IT-solution supplier that enable energy companies and electricity retailers to quickly and easily implement new and greener solutions.

The green transition is creating some dynamism in the energy sector in these years. We see new business needs emerging from existing utilities, and we see new companies emerging with new business models. All of this is driven by electrification of the car fleet, installation of heat pumps, and decentralized electricity generation through solar cells and wind power.

The CUBS system is built to handle multi-supply, but we have a special focus on the electricity market, where we want to provide the most flexible and complete solution on the market.


The CUBS Electricity Market module is fully integrated and certified for Energinets Datahub, and supports virtually all digital processes of the electricity market. With the CUBS Electricity Market module, it is easy to create new electricity products that can be flexibly settled on account according to expected consumption or according to actual consumption at e.g. spot price, fixed price, or other. CUBS automatically receives consumption from Datahub and calculates invoice incl. charges and transport based on the power product selected by the customer. Of course, CUBS handles both hourly billing and electric heating.

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If you run a business as a charging box operator, CUBS offers a variety of options to support your business. For example, you can pay for a subscription to a charging box or load the charging box consumption data into CUBS and flexibly work with this on the customer's electricity bill in order to eliminate electricity charges, among other things.

Elektrisk bil


The CUBS gas market module supports commercial gas suppliers who need to settle gas for both private and business customers. The Gas Market module is approved by Energinet for EDI communication on the Danish gas market, and fully automatically handles the relevant business processes around supplier switching, relocation and consumption inventory and settlement.

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Remote reading of water meters means an increased digitization of the market, in the same way as the electricity market, for example. CUBS contains a flexible basic module for the consumption calculation of the water and wastewater supply areas. CUBS can be configured to receive consumption data in various data input formats, and on the basis of this  make calculations based on actual consumption and applicable prices. Of course, CUBS also handles aconto settlement and automatic offsetting of actual period spending.

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District heating

During these years, there has been a significant development in the area of district heating. The EU's Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) means that all meters must be remotely readable by 2027. With the CUBS flexible basic module for consumption calculations, it is possible to make settlements based on actual consumption regardless of how consumption data is received from remotely read meters. Of course, CUBS also handles aconto settlement and automatic offsetting of actual period spending.

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If you sell Fiber, TV packages, insurance, or anything else that is not settled according to consumption, but only settled based on period of time, is the CUBS subscription module perhaps the solution for you? The subscription module allows for fully automatic billing of services that are settled by time such as per hour, day, month, quarter, or year.

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