CUBS is purpose-built for consumption billing


The system includes smart and simple features and functions, tailored to the billing of consumption-based services. There are no unnecessary fields and functions, and users find that the system is simple to use.

Complete Billing Solution

CUBS has been developed for billing and settlement of  consumption based services within the utility sector in general. We have designed the solution in a modular way so that it is possible to settle all types of consumption or subscription-based services. This means that you can work freely with the development of your business.

Automatic recipient number search

Manual search of the customer identification number (EAN) for electricity and gas market customers is time-consuming and therefore automated in CUBS.

Flexible Accounts Recievables

Receivables management based on open item accounting. Reminder stop and invoice stop. Multiple payment options per customer.

Flexible invoice layout

Invoice layout can be freely customized to your wishes. Use your own illustrations, colors, icons, etc.

Reminders and Debt Collection

Configurable reminder processes. Automatic imposition of reminder fee. Flexible integration for debt collection agency.

Installment plans

If the consumer does not pay, an installment plan can be entered into. Optional number of installments. Flexible charging.

Customer Timeline

Searchable timeline with overview of customer history. Custom comments with tags.


Collect payment from your customers via Betalingsservice (Mastercard BS). CUBS support both normal BS collection and BS Total collection.

MobilePay Subscriptions

Collect payment automatically from your customers with Mobilepay subscriptions and receive automatic payment notice directly in the system.

Credit cards

With CUBS you have the option to collect automatic or manual payment from your customers via credit card.

Electronic invoicing

If you have government or business customers who need to receive invoices in an electronic OIOXML format, this is possible withCUBS.

Flexible E-mail

Precise control of the number of outgoing emails so that customer service can keep up with the phones.


With CUBS web self-service, customers can easily service themselves 24/7, including viewing their own information and agreements, viewing consumption and retrieving invoices.

Flexible reporting

The system contains a datawarehouse for flexible reporting.

Data hub integration (electricity)

CUBS is fully integrated and certified for EnergiNet's Datahub for the Electricity market.

Production electricity supplier

Buy surplus electricity from PV plants, e.g. solar and wind, directly from the plant owners.

EDI (Gas)

CUBS has been approved for EDI communication on the Danish gas market.

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