All you need for Utility Billing, Nothing more – nothing less
Highly Automated Utility Billing at low entry costs – Pay as you grow
Cloud based Utility Billing system – proven up to +900.000 customers
Short time to market – implementation in weeks – not years
Utility Billing system – specialized for Utility Service Providers
Billing  for energy and utilities

What is CUBS?

The CUBS system is a purpose-built SaaS solution that supports all business processes from consumption to billing targeted at energy companies in Denmark.

We support all types of supply, but our primary focus is electricity and it is our clear ambition to offer the strongest product on the market to electricity traders.

The market-leading Utility Billing Platform

Hvorfor CUBS?

Customer Centric

Complete Customer overview with services, financials and journey in a simple overview

Cost Efficient

Higly automated proceses. Low entry level cost – pay as you you grow!

Simpel to use

All you need for Utility Billing: nothing more – nothing less!

Short time to market

Implementation timeline  measured in weeks – not month and years!

Low risk

It is fast,simple, proven  and cloud based -> It is Low Risk
Cloud-baseret billing

The solution

CUBS is a new and modern settlement solution for utilities. The solution was born in 2015 and created for a market where players are competing for the favor of customers. CUBS is made for the cloud, and is delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). We use the most modern technologies in the market and the system is always up-to-date.

We have the confidence of
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CUBS helps innovative utilities with billing solutions that enable them to establish, develop and operate an efficient business. Share our experiences and be inspired by our customers!

Billing for energy and utilities

Multiservice billing

The CUBS system is built to handle utility consumptions in general, and can be used to support billing of all utility types, including electricity, e-mobility, gas, water, district heating and subscriptions.