All you need for Utility Billing - Nothing more nothing less

The solution

It is our ambition to provide the best solution availiable in the market for utilities where electricity is the core business.

CUBS is a new and modern billing solution for utilities. We can bill all types of consumption with CUBS, but we have a special focus on the electricity market, where in Denmark we have one of the most digitized markets in the world. It is our clear ambition to be able to deliver the best solution on the market to utilities where electricity supply is the core business.

We want to do away with the large and complex implementation projects that require many thousands of consulting hours to complete. A CUBS solution can be implemented much faster, simpler and risk-free than traditional solutions.

Our customers typically have a commercial market approach, focusing on value creation for both the consumer and the company. The system is “purpose built” and thus allows for a high degree of automation and internal efficiency, as well as the possibility of creating a good customer experience with, for example, informative and graphically beautiful invoices and relevant self-service functions.

A modern solution for consumption billing

Why Choose CUBS?

Customer at the center

Customer overview with services, finances and timeline in one simple overview


Automated processes. Low startup costs - pay as you grow!

Simple to use

Everything you need for consumption billing - no more, no less!

Short time-to-market

Implementation is measured in weeks - not months and years!

Low risk

The system is simple, proven and cloud-based!


Settled up to +900.000 customer relationships


Built on modern open source and Google technology

Cloud Based

Born in the cloud and hosted on Google Cloud Platform


Secure and stable setup with +99.5% availability


Open to integration and data access with secure rest APIs

Software as a Service

CUBS is a modern SaaS solution. This means that the solution is provided as "power out of the outlet" and that you do not have to spend resources on any type of operation of the solution. Once you have paid your subscription, you will have access to CUBS.

Ongoing upgrades

The SaaS model has the very tangible benefits for you, that you will enjoy new features as they come along — just like all our other customers.

Our development process is driven by the needs of our customers, and our development model means that we continuously release functionality. Therefore, you should not wait for a large annual release, which at the same time risks shutting down the entire system.

 “Purpose built”

CUBS is built specifically for billing purposes, which means that the solution is simple to use. There are no redundant fields and functions, as is often seen in more generic IT systems used across industries.  

Ease of implementation

Deploying a CUBS solution is quick and simple because it is located in the cloud and is “purpose built”. If you start the “greenfield” process, we have industrialized the process so that CUBS can be deployed in a matter of weeks. For larger and more complex projects, we typically work with a competent implementation partner who has extensive experience in project management, architecture, system integration, and data migration.  

The customer as a focal point

CUBS is built around your agreements with your customers. These agreements contain one or more deliveries, which are settled according to the chosen payment model. In the customer screen, your employees have an overview of total customer engagement, including all customer-specific data. The integrated timeline provides an accurate overview of events on the customer and thus makes the task solution for customer service concrete and manageable when making inquiries or activities on the customer.

At CUBS, the customer is at the center — literally.

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